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COVID-19 Resources

The Middleton Chamber of Commerce staff and Board of Directors will continue to stay up-to-date on any resources and relief available to you and will stay on the front lines advocating for our business community by speaking with legislators and those in power to help ensure the future for all our members.

This page is a place you can come to find such information. In addition to this page, we will continue to communicate with you through phone calls, emails, social media posts and our newsletter.

Financial Resources
  • Guidelines and requirements of the Payroll Protection Program in the new stimulus package - Several Chamber Members have information you might find helpful to understand this new information.
  • Dane County CORE program provides rental assistance for those who are behind on rent. Learn More Here


  • WWBIC - WWBIC is working with federal, state and local organizations, to support our many WWBIC borrowers, entrepreneurs and businesses in need of loan capital now.
Business & Education Resources
  • COVID-19 Consulting Services can be found on the Chamber's website by going to the Business Directory page and searching for COVID-19 Consulting Services. 
  • Calendar of Events is located on the Chamber's website for an up-to-date list of Chamber Events.
  • Member Highlights - A showcase of what our members are offering and doing during COVID-19.
  • Navigating the New Normal COVID Response Guide - The goal of the guide is to lead you through a planning process in an orderly and efficient manner.

    • This no-cost guide was written by the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center, who is able to offer it for free due to funding from the CARES Act.
  • A new initiative is launching to provide eligible individuals and organizations with free non-litigation business law services they could not otherwise afford, especially on urgent legal needs arising in the wake COVID-19.
Community Communication
  • A new public health order—Emergency Order #13 —went into effect at 12:01am on February 10, 2021. There are quite a few changes with this Order. Click HERE for a high-level overview of the changes.
  • Dane County remains under a local mask mandate that is separate from and not affected by what is happening at the state level. Read More Here
  • Public Health Madison & Dane County shares Vaccine Promotion Resources for Businesses - Click HERE
  • Dane County Coronavirus Dashboard - provided by Public Health Madison & Dane County provides data on COVID-19 cases by Wisconsin County, total tests administered, total confirmed cases, confirmed cases by age, cumulative case count by date, and total deaths.
  • Downtown Middleton provides a list of businesses that are offering modified options during COVID-19. 
State Communication
Federal Communication
  • The White House News - Visit this site for the latest updates from the Biden Administration, including briefings and statements, Presidential actions, and news articles. 

Family & Mental Health Resources
  • Project Recovery is a community-based program designed to meet the emotional needs of the community.
  • Expressively You - Expressively You has released a few painting kits (for kids and adults) that will help add some expressive structure and fun.
Restaurants Directory

Connect For Change

Over the past several months systemic racism has been brought to the forefront of our country. There is much that can be done to address the racial inequities in our city and region. As business leaders we should recognize the opportunities that cultural diversity brings to Middleton and the surrounding region. Racism is a difficult and complex topic. Change will take focus, dedication, and commitment from businesses, residents, and community leaders.

I have had conversations with several leaders in the Black and minority communities over the past few weeks. These discussions helped me realize that providing a few one-hour sessions about how to address systemic racism or how to create a culture of inclusion will not be enough. This approach would not provide our members and partners with the resources and tools to help with any long-term change.

We can, however, CONNECT. The Middleton Chamber of Commerce will facilitate CONNECTing our members with community organizations whose full-time focus and mission is to educate the community, challenge the way that we run our businesses, and provide the greatest resources to help you impact change and navigate this this complex issue.

We will provide tools and programs available to you in upcoming newsletters under the heading, “Connect for Change.” This section will showcase racial justice resources, seminars, diversity institutes, and information on how to create equitable organizations.

The Middleton Chamber of Commerce staff and Board of Directors support our business community, we support equality, and we want to help provide solutions in peaceful and constructive ways. We will continue to inspire, share, and learn from each other so that we are able to grow and contribute to our greater community.

The Middleton Chamber of Commerce looks forward to CONNECTING all of you! I think that it is fitting to share our organization’s, “Why?”

OUR WHY:  To be a connected business community that inspires, shares and learns from each other - so that we're able to grow, succeed and contribute to our greater community.


Kate Wicker, Executive Director

Community Resource Partners
  • Just Dane - Originally named Madison-area Urban Ministry (MUM), this nonprofit was created as a social justice, social service organization. 
  • Latino Chamber of Commerce of Dane County - Their mission is to maximize economic development and job creation through advocacy and programs that generate success and value for our Latino and non-Latino business community.
  • Urban League of Greater Madison - The mission of the Urban League of Greater Madison is to ensure that African Americans and other community members are educated, employed and empowered to live well, advance professionally and contribute to the common good in the 21st Century.
  • YWCA - YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
Communication & Resources

IFundWomen of Color aims to close funding gap - Learn More Here

Upcoming Events

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