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Chamber Micro (small) Groups

Using all of what the Chamber does well in large groups, to cultivate and inspire small ‘Micro Group’ opportunities to learn and make meaningful connections.


Micro Groups are born from the desire of Chamber members to have small group opportunities to connect, share, and learn in an open environment with fellow members and guests.  Anyone with this shared desire and a group idea can start and be a point person of a group.  Others can join and participate.  When you come, be prepared to share and learn in a conversational environment. When you leave a group, be prepared to share it with others.


As a point person, you get to establish a topic. Responsibilities beyond that are to pick a place and time for your group to meet and communicate that to your group. You’ll serve as the moderator at your Micro Group gatherings, but not be required to present or lead beyond that. On occasion the Chamber will ask you to report on your groups participation. That is all.


Group attendees should come with a spirit of sharing relevant knowledge, information and news pertinent to your group’s topic. Individual group members should always be looking to contribute in some way to support the gathering. Presentations by group members are fine if desired, but should not be required – and should always be done in the spirit of sharing and learning, NOT SELLING!

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  1. Groups should be between 3 to 12 members in size. These are Micro Groups after all!
  2. Maintain a spirit of learning and sharing at all times.
  3. Talk and share about what you do professionally, but do not sell.
  4. Allow presentations if your group chooses, though do not require.  Presentations promoting specific commercial products or companies are discouraged. Share knowledge!
  5. No tourists, everyone joins in conversations. Ask questions and be an interactive participant.
  6. Groups can exist as long as the group desires, and you can participate in as many groups as you desire.

Current Micro Groups

Small Business & Big Bacon        Lead:  Jill Frank   Full  
Small business people who use each other as sounding boards & sources of ideas and inspiration about issues that are most pressing  
Small Business & Big Bacon IV   Lead: AJ Sue   Full  
Cool small business owners helping other cool small business owners  
City of Middleton   Lead:  Mike Davis   Full
Middleton group that discusses various developments in the City, including economic, environmental, social and financial  
Ignite Your Networking
  Lead:  Shawn Fischer/Mardi Stroud   5 Spots Available - Join
Tired of the same events, same people, same conversations?!  This group is fired up to make networking really work and generate meaningful business relationships and leads.  
General Business Topics   Lead:  Van Nutt   Full  
Open discussion - whatever topics are on your mind, share it!  
Women, Power & Money
  Lead: Tom Dahl & Terri Buechner
  2 Spots Available - Join
A group for business women & leaders with an interest in gaining perspective on a wide range of financial matters  
Effective Leadership - Networking for Impact   Lead: Dawn Shearrow
  7 Spots Available - Join  
Leadership impacts everyone no matter what your title/position.  The greatest growth comes from learning from others and past experiences.  
Retail Round Table
  Lead: AJ Sue
Retail business owners and leaders share challenges, success and ideas.
Structural Solutions
  Lead: Andy Fickett
Wellness: Employee Engagement/Health in Workplace   Lead: Jared McDaniel   8 Spots Available - Join  


Email [email protected] to start a group or join a group